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Kia's Music"... a unique, original and 'colorful' collection of music! A positive, diversified collection of songs."
Doug Levine, Music Director, Voice of America

Kia's musical release, titled KIA, delivers a thrilling experience to all the senses! The music captures Kia's innermost dreams and life experiences into a rapture of moments for the ears to hear and the mind's eye to see. Unique rhythms and melodies create a musical painting. From an upbeat Latin song, "Larkeena," to an effervescent jazzy style in "Heart People," the recording captures an opposing variation of rhythms. Kia's Greek heritage is represented with great sensitivity and melodic grace in "Socrates," while haunting sensual rhythms interlace throughout "Songs of the Heart". It's a diverse, exciting adventure for all ears!

KIA CD by Kia
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1. Larkeena (4:55)
2. Speak-In-Words (:17)
3. Kids On The Shobango (2:34)
4. Heart People (3:50)
5. Astra (5:10)
6. Socrates (3:47)
7. Monk On The Moon (5:23)
8. Hitar (3:35)
9. Ecstasea I & II (4:59)
10. Mornings (5:01)
11. Songs Of The Heart (4:07)

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  2. Speak-in-Words 0:17    
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  5. Astra 5:10    
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  8. Hitar 3:35    
  9. Ecstasea I & II 4:59    
  10. Mornings 5:01    
  11. Songs of the Heart 4:07    
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"Kia's music has a lively, imaginative bounce to it, with more than 31 flavors of international spices. Plenty of variety in instrumentation and rhythm . . . no one piece overpowers the others. Very classy."
— Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal

"A fresh blend of music, incorporating oriental, Latin, South American, African, jazz, and popular sounds in a delightful easy-listening package. This is an outstanding debut release from Kia, filled with instrumental and electronic delights."
— Robert Walmsley, Omega Directory

"Quite unique. It is one of the few CD's that I've heard which is both intense and easy to listen to."
— Gus Miller, Jazz Director, WCWP, Brookville, New York

"I found KIA to be an exciting selection of songs. High in energy and vivid in images and style. An enjoyable work worth listening to as well as seeing."
— Forest, Music Director, Musical Starstreams, Sedona, Arizona

"Rich, stellar, and diverse—from the calypso-esce 'Kids On The Shobango' to the dark industrial-percussive 'Hitar'—even some edgy jazz in 'Heart People.' Refreshing."
— Roland Users Group Magazine

"A jazzy and powerful listening experience, with lots of great diverse sound that all intertangles into a feast of fun . . . fine and fresh, fiercely beautiful . . . great for driving, partying, movement, picnicing, romping about doing housework."
— Acacia, Heartsong Review

"A beautiful debut exhibiting depth, substance and varied moods. 'KIA' works very well as background and foreground music. Highly recommended."
— Darren Wheeling, Director of Animation & Music Video Producer, National Learning Center, Washington, D.C.

"It is wonderful! I'm so impressed with the overall quality. The music is not just a collection of simple melodies, but rather an intricate marriage of sounds and ideas. . . . The arrangements show a serious, yet playful side to your art."
— Gary Williams, DJ, WFDU, Teaneck, New Jersey


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"Music is the universal language of mankind."
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Kia Portafekas