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"Lends you enough courage to actually try to be more than you've come to recognize. I didn't make enough time for the pleasure of sounds before reading this book."
— Debra Frasier, author and illustrator of On the Day You Were Born

"I love this book! Simply reading it turns on your creativity! The 'riffs' are delightful—playful, light, and imbued with the sense of wonder that characterizes great music."
— Peggy Rostron, DMA, Founder/President, The Maestro Effect

"For myself, my clients, and my grandchildren . . . an excellent resource . . . a philosophy of life that opens creativity, builds self-esteem, and develops talent."
— Billie M. Thompson, PhD, Director, Sound Listening and Learning Center

"Read this book with an open heart. Let the author's many-faceted and lively process speak to you. Then, choose your own path and dance with your students, leading them to experience their very own musical ideas."
— Veronika Schultz, The Orff Echo, Fall 2001"Simple, effective activities to build music skills and awareness . . . providing ways for teachers to encourage freedom, self-expression and individuality among their students."
— Laurel Fishman,

"Written, conceived, and lived by two women who really care about reaching the creative soul of kid-dom."
— Tom Pomposello, Pomposello, Inc., Music Producer/Creative Director for Nickelodeon on Air Theme Music

"Empowers parents to get the songs dancing, the minds humming, and the spirits of family and communities into richer living. Mom and Dad will have as much fun as the kids experiencing the powers of music-making with Kia and Karen."
— Don G. Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect® and The Mozart Effect for Children®

Kia with a student's artwork"The book I wish I could have read when I first started playing the piano . . . Offers us a wonderful opportunity to stretch our creative legs . . . One of those timeless treasures and a gift to all of us."
— Michael Jones, musician, Narada Records

"Kia's book has enriched our lives and opened our hearts to communicate our feelings through music."
— Marcia Rothschild (mother) and children

"My grades have gone up, as well as my confidence, and my attitude is better."
— Sarah M., age 14

"Really fun! For both kids and adults! This experience has been like a door opening to a new playground that was always there, but you never knew it."
— Elizabeth Macdonald, International Diversity Trainer and Business Communication Instructor

Kia giving a piano lesson"I found myself loving music like I never had before . . . I found the freedom to express my feelings through my own songs. This newfound freedom helped me cross the bridge between my head and my heart."
— Callai F., age 14

"Convinced this 80-year-old that it is never too late to appreciate music and to play the piano again. My interest have been completely restored."
— Violet Mueller


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"Music causes us to think eloquently."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kia Portafekas