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Making Music With Your Child

Making Music With Your Child is designed for music and elementary teachers, parents, and children, and highlights simple, effective activities to build musical skills and awareness, while providing ways to encourage freedom, self-expression, and individuality. Kia's teaching method helps cultivate in the whole child, unique forms of expression and communication. It develops intuition, imagination, reasoning, self-discipline, and responsibility; promotes the processes of thinking, creating, and evaluating; and reinforces self-esteem and the joy of learning.

Kia teachingThe first half of the book, "Simple Melodies," provides numerous suggestions for paying attention to the music around us and within us, inspiring children by example. The second half of the book, "Now Take It!", contains 100 "riffs"—games and exercises designed to be the starting point for improvisation and creativity with music.

"This book will inspire both parent and child to discover—or rediscover—the joy of music." Judith Struthers, ReView Librarian, NAPRA ReView

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Making Music With Your Child
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Simple Melodies
  1. Getting Started
  2. Breathing
  3. The Basics
  4. Unlocking Creativity
  5. Help Me, Kia!
Now Take It!
  1. How to Riff
  2. Breathing Riffs
  3. Riffing Off Rhythm
  4. Adventures in the Imagi Nation
  5. Visual Riffs
  6. Singalong Riffs
  7. On the Move
  8. Musical Storytelling
  9. Musical Make-believe
  10. Scales and Chords
  11. Handy Riffs
  12. Making Notes
  13. Music to Keep
  14. 20 Ideas for Extra Inspiration
Appendix: Music to Learn By
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Book Details:
Authors: Kia Portafekas and Karen E. Marlow
ISBN: 1-58106-013-0
Publisher: MMB Music Inc.
Year of Publication: 2001
Page Count: 126

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"I'll show you how it's enough. Go up on the roof at night in this city of the soul. Let everyone climb on their roofs and sing their note! Sing loud!"
— Rumi

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