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Kia's Kids is a CD compilation of original songs composed by Kia's students, ages seven to twelve. Listen to what children have created from their hearts and imagination!

KIA'S KIDS cassette
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Side A:

Kia's Kids
Music in the Light
Martian Village
Dancing Rain
Rhythm and Rhyme  

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Side B:

Howard's Heart and Soul
Garden of Green
Purple Cardinal
Dancing Girl
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"Wouldn't it be wonderful if children from all over the world could write their own songs and share them with audiences far and near? With a little support, love, and guidance they can and do in this remarkable release that is sure to amaze and please the ears (and hearts) of young and old alike.

"Tutored and guided by Kia Portafekas, the hidden musical genius in 12 children is brought into the light of manifestation to bless the Earth with songs of power, peace, innocence, and beauty. The compositions are innovative, creative, and imaginative. What stuns the listener is the fact that every song was composed by children between the ages of 7 and 12! Don't be deceived by their ages—the music is great!"
— Robert Walmsley, Omega Directory

having fun in a Kia workshop"Intuitively you have captured the essence of surprise and pleasure that first (and enduringly) attracts us to the arts. Combining graphics, music, language, and dance the way you do really creates a kind of synesthesia of the art forms—and, indeed, in some very rooted place of our being, all of these blend."
— Robert Siegel, author, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"The Kia's Kids recording contains a suprisingly wide range of musical syles in both vocal and instrumental idioms. Kia realizes the value of helping children put their thoughts and feelings into music, and the result is a product both Kia and the kids can be proud of."
— Mary M. Weiskopf, Director of Instrumental Music, Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, New York

"Most interesting and fun. It is good to see someone working to help our future generations."
— John Velasco, Music Publishing International, New York, New York


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"Everyone and everything around you is your teacher."
— Ken Keyes Jr.

Kia Portafekas