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Apocalypse, Drew, age 14

Drew"Apocalypse" is my first rock composition. By definition, an apocalypse is a battle between good and evil which eventually comes to the end of the world. Listen for the battles that I wrote in my first rock piano piece.

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Ocean Blue, Andrew, age 11

Blue Rivers by AndrewI wrote this song because it reminds me of the waves of Hawaii. It makes me feel relaxed and happy when I think of the ocean waves.

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Kia's Kids
Grape Jelly, Hannah, age 11

Grape JellyMy favorite jelly is grape
It has a funny shape.
The way it's made is with your toes,
You squish it and squash it,
Then eat it slow!

Grape is purple, which is blue and red.
Mix them together,
Go on, use your head!
That's right, now you've got it!
What color does blue and red make?

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Kia's Kids
My Rainbow Balloon, Nicole, age 6

My Rainbow BalloonThere once were four balloons from Earth. When they lost their strings, they floated up and up into outer space until they went so high that they visited the planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. Finally, when they came so close to the sun, each balloon popped and became all of the colors of the rainbow shining brightly on all of the people on Earth.

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Kia's Kids
The Ocean, Hannah, age 11

The OceanThe ocean is like a place that never ends. Going deeper down to that mysterious world, where all the little fishes glow, like little stars in the inky black sky, hovering over earth. A majestic creature of all is the blue whale. It sings one of the most beautiful songs in the world. A baby sea turtle is swimming and thinking about its life. She remembers where she was born. She is thinking about the future, just as we humans do; but we should not only be thinking about our future, but the future of the ocean.

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"From the beginning of his education, the child should experience the joy of discovery."
—Alfred North Whitehead

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