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I had been diagnosed with generalized myalgia due to an interaction between two prescribed pharmaceuticals. Every muscle group hurt. If I moved any part of my body it caused significant pain.

Kia became aware of my problems in a conversation with my wife and offered detailed and thorough nutritional advice. She suggested avoiding any glutens, avoiding sugars as much as possible, avoid any type of deli meats, finding no-fat cheeses and yogurt. She suggested avoiding fruits and vegetables with a high acid content such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. In some cases she suggested certain brands, such as cereals, cheeses and yogurt among others. These are only some of Kiaís suggestions, the suggestions were numerous and very thorough. Kia also sent additional links and suggestions beyond the initial conversation.

Kia suggested that I follow her suggestions for three days at an absolute minimum and for a week if possible. In three days the pain started to lessen. In a week I felt better than I had in months. I stopped taking pain meds and still felt fantastic. A chronic back problem that I had for three years and didnít respond to physical therapy began to abate. Amazing.

The change in how I feel physically is incredible! That has led to an increase in energy, and a much better outlook about life.

Some of Kia's suggestions have been very easy to incorporate as permanent changes in my nutritional plan. They will remain as part of my life from now on. Medical doctors only prescribed pain meds and had no other suggestions. Kia understood the problem and made the suggestions that cured the problem. Kia is amazing. Her knowledge of nutrition is thorough and her advice is absolutely accurate. She gave me my life back!

— Jim P.

Letters of Recommendation:

letter of recommendationJohn Dye, ND, Chair, CME Committee,
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

letter of recommendationElizabeth Macdonald, Director of Business Communication, Thunderbird School of Global Management, RYT Yoga Instructor

letter of recommendationDr. Denise Phillips, American Psychological Association

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